Rebecca Sargent is an artist living in Dayton, Ohio. Her work is influenced by her surroundings, dreams and anxieties. Partially based in reality and fully based in the world of illusion, Rebecca’s work juxtaposes different times and spaces.

Needing to find order in chaos, she frequently employs structures within her work that simultaneously collide contrasting spaces. Rebecca’s process involves collecting magazines, photos and objects made into collages and 3D dioramas from which she paints.

Rebecca is a member artist at Dutoit Gallery, a cooperative gallery space located in the B/C Building at Dayton’s Front Street Artists Warehouse. More information about Dutoit Gallery can be found by visiting:

Rebecca received her MFA from The University of Pennsylvania and her BFA from Wright State University. She is the Program Director at K12 Gallery & TEJAS, a non-profit arts center located in Dayton. More information can be found by visiting: to find more info about our programs.

 Feel free to contact Rebecca at